What is POC ? or PTT over GSM or PTT over IP : KLIK op de FOTO ! !

POC : Push to Talk (PTT) over Cellular.    A group or invidual communication with a group, using a 3G/4G device.

    TELO SYSTEMS :  http://www.telosystems.com

1 - So you need a device that is logged in into a cellular and/or wifi network.  The device has a valid sim-card (3G/4G & >0.4GB Data/month)

2 - You have to be listed in a webbased server application, that allows you to communicated with the group.

You want to make a group call, just PUSH the PTT-button.

You can create your own VIRTUAL TRUNKING NETWORK for invidual and group-calls, including Track&Trace of the equipment on a Webbased portal.

? For Who :

  • EVENTS where you need regional or national RADIO-coverage
  • SECURITY company with ambulant agents.
  • ELECTRICITY/WATER distribution with remote workers
  • TAXI companies
  • Where a walky-talky with extended coverage is necessary
  • SPORTS Events with start and end separated for more then 2 km's.


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